About Us

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100% of Magentamail profits go to support childhood sexual abuse prevention programs through DivineChoices.org

With MagentaMail, you can bring your data from all kinds of web services like Google Analytics, Highrise, Wufoo and Eventbrite. Easily add signup forms to WordPress, Shopify, Facebook and more.

is owned and operated by Divine Choices Inc of Tustin, California.

100% of MagentaMail net profits goes to DivineChoices.org a 501c 3 non-profit dedicated to childhood sexual abuse prevention.

MagentaMail infrastructure is hosted at in Anaheim California, and is built using high performance Railo Servers running on Linux Virtual Machines, and SQL Server 2008 as a the back end database.  This state-of-the-art architecture uses extremely scalable high speed virtual machines to increase delivery performance on demand, and ensure the fastest possible delivery of outbound email campaigns, without triggering spam blocking or delivery rate filters that other providers are challenged with.

With MagentaMail clients typically increase email delivery performance by over 1000% over conventional SMTP delivery and enjoy automated integration with social networking sites, and both will have the reporting and email campaign tools in place to maximize and measure ROI of email advertising.

MagentaMail uses our own proprietary MCPMD(tm) Multi Channel Paced Mail Delivery leveraging many outbound delivery channels for delivery to large domain carriers like AOL, Yahoo, and JUNO.  This ensures that mail delivery is not stopped at the carrier simply because of the volume of mail being delivered.

MagentaMail accounts include annual registration of all domains with EMAILREG.org, (sample: http://www.emailreg.org/index.cgi?p=demoanalytics) to help ensure that automated spam filters are allowing delivery of subscriber lists from your domains.