Magentamail is a powerful mailing and email tracking application. Create email campaigns, track bounces, opens, links clicked etc Manage subscriber lists, create subscriber forms and import email campaigns from templates or online newsletters

Create Campaigns
* From Templates
* From Online Pages
* From a file on your computer
* Using a WYSIWYG Editor in the application
* Customise the emails using firstname, lastname and email address
* Customise the subjects using firstname, lastname and email address
* Choose multiple subscriber lists or/and manually add email addresses

Create Subscriber Lists
* Using forms on your website
* By importing a CSV file
* Triggered Automatic add functionality based on
* By Manually copying a list of emails into the application
* Opt-out option for new subscribers
* Double-Opt in option for subscribers
* Option to send a welcome email when a subscriber is first added

Automation Tools
* Automatic adding of unsubscribe link in all emails
* Automatic generation of subscriber forms for your website
* Tool to help convert CSS into inline styles
* Subscribe/Unsubscribe display pages/urls

* Check subscribers who opened email
* Check subscribers who clicked a link
       + See which links they clicked
* Check subscribers that bounced
* Check subscribers that unsubscribed
* Check subscribers that did not click a link
* Check subscribers that did not open the email

* Create / Edit / Delete clients
* Create / Edit / Delete users
* Create / Edit / Delete templates
* Give users access to client data
* Give users access to templates

* Create client specific templates
     + HTML & Text Templates
     + HTML Only Templates
     + Text Only Templates
* Create your own templates

Bounce Management and Analysis
* See which of your subscribers bounced
* See why email bounced (what triggered the bounce).
* Deliverability content review prior to sending
* Supression lists for bounced and unsubscribed email addresses

Email Sending
* Choose to embed images in the email
* Queue a campaign up for a specific day
* Send the campaign straight away
* Choose to receive a confirmation email when campaign is sent.
* Scheduled task used to send emails so your lists can be as big as you need!
* Sender ID Compliant

* Magentamail has many other great features too!
* Domain Keys Support
* Magentamail subscribes to using industry best practices from these groups:
* Magentamail eMail delivery management services.

Direct Marketing Association  

MagentaMail Architecture
MagentaMail Architecture

MagentaMail Screen Shots


CSS support

Selecting the email format

Campaign Snapshot

Campaign email view report